Inmarsat, VSAT & Iridium Airtime

Electrotech provides and supports high quality, secure and reliable satellite voice and data services on land or at sea.  We offer the full range of satellite voice and data services from compact vessel monitoring systems (VMS) to full-featured broadband systems (full internet, email and video-streaming capabilities) such as BGAN, Fleet Broadband and VSAT.

As a satellite airtime service provider, we can provide:

  • Competitive rates;
  • Same-day service activation;
  • Post-paid and pre-paid services including crew calling cards;
  • Accurate and reliable call data and billing;
  • Phone and email support;
  • AmosConnect email; and
  • Web-based vessel tracking.

For sales & billing enquiries contact [email protected].

Critical Information Summary

Airtime Terms and Conditions


What airtime service am I being charged for?

Why am I being charged for a service that I no longer use? 

Why does my bill show the wrong vessel name on it?

How do I know that my invoice relates to services I may or may not have used? 

Why am I being charged for a service which should be free (fishing VMS)?