More power for the Sailor 900

Cobham release a new high powered version of the industry standard Sailor 900 VSAT system to boost uplink speeds!

Cobham are pleased to officially launch the latest development of their market-leading SAILOR 900 VSAT Ku-band antenna. SAILOR 900 VSAT High Power has been developed to meet the ever increasing requirement of users for higher data throughput on the uplink to the satellite, which has triggered demand for antenna systems with higher power RF performance.
The new SAILOR 900 VSAT High Power features a new Block Up Converter (BUC) designed by Cobham’s in-house engineering team, which delivers the potential for satcom service providersSuper_Strength-512 to deliver higher uplink bandwidths. This innovative 20W BUC also ensures reliable operation in warm, humid climates without the need for air conditioning systems in the antenna, despite the radiated power level increase from 8W to 20W. Because the new 20W BUC is designed in-house for perfect integration with the SAILOR 900 VSAT, Cobham SATCOM has ensured high quality control, resulting in reliable, high performance operation in all environments.
The new SAILOR 900 VSAT High Power provides a new alternative to the standard SAILOR 900 VSAT to meet requirements from shipping companies for high Service Level Agreements (SLA), especially when a dual antenna configuration is required due to obstructions that cannot be overcome by setting up blocking zones. SAILOR VSAT technology makes it easier and less costly to ensure high availability of service using a set-up for Dual Antenna Operation because the antenna controllers manage the connection between satellite and satellite router automatically, on a single modem without the need for additional hardware.
All SAILOR Ku-Band VSAT antennas have been tested to work on HTS services, including Intelsat’s EpicNG. Additionally, even with its unique higher power BUC, the SAILOR 900 VSAT High Power is prepared for conversion from Ku- to Ka-band operation on services like Inmarsat Fleet Xpress® or Maritime Ka-Band on THOR 7 from Telenor Satellite, should the end-user request it. Updated electronics, a precision reflector dish and radome tuned for optimum performance on both Ku- and Ka-band frequencies ensure that SAILOR 900 VSAT High Power is an incredibly flexible solution.
SAILOR 900 VSAT High Power retains the same benefits that established SAILOR 900 VSAT as a leading choice for maritime satcom service providers when it was first released in 2011. Every SAILOR 900 VSAT High Power antenna system comes factory-tested, balanced and ready-to-go with standardised top quality RF and the requirement for only one cable between antenna and below-deck. This time and cost saving approach combined with high operational reliability has positioned SAILOR 900 VSAT as the most cost effective Ku-band antenna on the market to deploy.
We are especially pleased to tell you that existing SAILOR 900 VSAT systems can be upgraded to ‘High Power’ easily. Using new SAILOR Conversion Kits, it’s possible to move from SAILOR 900 VSAT to SAILOR 900 VSAT High Power and additionally from SAILOR 900 VSAT High Power to SAILOR 100 GX. This provides high levels of flexibility and enables a cost-effective migration path to alternative satellite services in order to meet end-user requirements. For more information about the SAILOR 900 VSAT High Power, please contact your Electrotech on ph: 02 9466 6812 or