What if you have no credit units left and you need to top-up or make an emergency call?

If the end-user has run out of credit units, the Isatphone can still be called. Therefore it is possible to check the balance of the prepaid SIM cards on Inmarsat Dashboard and make a phone call to the Isatphone (that has no credits left ) to check if they want to top-up. Always remember you can make outgoing calls to the emergency services at any time and with or without credit (toll free).

If the end-user has no units left but requires a top-up, they can call the free Inmarsat Voice Response System +870772000591 (or short access code 591) and after typing in the MSISDN number, select option 2 to be transferred to Inmarsat Customer Support. Inmarsat Customer Support will then transfer the call to Electrotech or, if the call transfer is not possible, send an email to the us with the request to contact the end-user for a top-up ( Inmarsat does not do top-ups on behalf of Electrotech).