SAAB R40 AIS Base Station


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The R40 AIS Base Station from Saab TransponderTech is the result of our on-going efforts to enhance all of our products. The unit also includes an embedded Base Station Controller (BSC) that is used for monitoring and configuration, as well as connecting to Ethernet LAN. With the R40, Saab TransponderTech continues to hold its leadership in AIS technology. The R40 is compliant with the R&TTE Directive and is like its pre-decessors type approved by BSH with reference to AIS Base Station Standard IEC 62320-1. The R40 AIS Base Station is the main component of a Physical AIS Shore Station as defined by IALA. Its main purpose is to receive data from- and transmit data to AIS equipped vessels, travelling within the coverage area of the Base Station. This enables monitoring of ships´ movements and status in real time. The R40 can either be installed as stand-alone or be integrated into a network, such as the market leading AIS Network and the CoastWatch AIS monitoring and control suite by Saab.

  • Type approved by BSH according to IEC 62320-1 test specification for AIS Base Stations
  • Type approved by BSH according to IEC62320-3 test specification for AIS Repeater
  • Compliant with R&TTE Directive
  • Fourth generation of AIS Base Station from Saab using the latest technology
  • Excellent performance and reliability through joint development with airborne products
  • Supports fully redundant configurations by advanced embedded Hot Standby functionality
  • Full remote configuration and monitoring
  • Advanced Windows based configuration and monitoring tool software included
  • Selected by the majority of Maritime administrations and Port Operators throughout the world



  • A transceiver that uses Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology, which grants for high performance and stability as well as the possibility to include future upgrades
  • Outstanding receiver sensitivity: Better than -112 dBm
  • Embedded Base Station Controller, enhancing functionality and flexibility
  • MTBF >100 000 hours
  • Reception and transmission of all applicable AIS messages
  • Internal memory for storage of data, variable size up to hundreds of GB
  • Built-in Web Server
  • AD-converter
  • SNMP support