Introducing the EXPLORER 323 BGAN On-The-Move

We are excited to announce the new EXPLORER 323 BGAN terminal for voice and data on-the-move, the first-ever terminal designed for 384/225 Download/Upload. The terminal is a great addition to our EXPLORER portfolio, expanding our SCADA/IOT/M2M offering with on-the-move capabilities and being an ideal companion to our ground-breaking PRISM PTT+ solution.

EXPLORER 323 is a one-piece system with an integrated transceiver and an auto-tracking antenna, using only a single cable to connect power and Ethernet.

The terminal is ultra-compact and lightweight (just 3.6 kg/7.9 lbs), and has the lowest profile of any BGAN Comms-On-The-Move terminal (9.7cm including mounts; hard to spot on top of this vehicle). This opens opportunities in new markets where BGAN antennas have not had a small enough form factor previously. Applications include vehicles, trucks, busses and trains within segments like transportation, aggrotech, mining, construction, utilities, government, emergency response and more.

With no moving parts and an IP 66-rating, EXPLORER 323 is robust and durable and designed for use in any environment. The switched beam technology provides users with service all the way down to 5° elevation.

Additionally, EXPLORER 323 is equipped with a WLAN Access Point that enables the user to use the EXPLORER Connect smartphone app or log onto the wireless network with their PC to turn the vehicle into a mobile communication hub.

The terminal supports both standard Inmarsat BGAN and BGAN M2M SIM cards, and is therefore ideally suited for our PRISM applications.

EXPLORER 323 is expected to ship in Q1 2020 Product Sheet

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Explorer 325 Product Sheet with technical specifications

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