Available with a number of docking stations this groundbreaking handheld can be used on land and sea


Docking Station Comparison


Send a free SMS to any IsatPhone Pro Handheld!IsatPhone Pro Inmarsat Mobile Handheld Satellite Voice Data Communications


The IsatPhone has the following features:-


Satellite telephony

Voicemail Text and email messaging

Location data – look-up and text

Bluetooth for hands-free use

Global coverage

Robust handset

Clear voice quality

Reliable network connection

Long battery life

Easy to use

Product Sheet

Emergency Calling (Triple Zero 000)

Inmarsat have now implemented  emergency call alert via simultaneous pressing of the * and # keys (needs 5.3.0 firmware; sends an edited e-mail or SMS with position). For triple zero 000 emergency calling we still store the short dial 000 and RFDS Numbers in our customers’ Phonebook list. For your convenience the RFDS contacts are: WA +618 9417 6389, SA & NT +618 8648 9555, NSW, VIC, TAS +618 8088 1188, QLD: Charleville +617 4654 1443 Mt Isa Base +617 4743 2802  Cairns Base +617 4040 0500 and for maritime users: Search and Rescue (maritime) emergency number; +61262306811.

For further details on either the Isatphone Pro or the new IsatPhone 2 please contact support.