Minimise Data Usage and Prevent Unexpectedly high Bills

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Users are responsible for all charges for data sent or received by their Inmarsat FleetBroadband (FBB) system. Due to the fact that Background IP is charged based on the volume of data sent and received over the satellite network it is extremely important to ensure that your system is optimized to avoid the transmission and receipt of unwanted data. Below are some basic tips to help correctly configure your system. Please refer to Inmarsat’s FleetBroadband Best Practices Manual. We are also able to configure a virtual firewall (Trench) to control protocol type and/or provide black/white list of websites etc (Application and Data Control). We highly recommend reviewing this information and that below before you start to use your system and are happy to provide all the advice and help you need to set things up for you.


Basic tips FBB

We can set up High Volume Usage Monitoring (HVUM) on your activation. Please review the details here before requesting your activation

You can also set up data limits on your Fleet Broadband to manage your data usage yourself. Please review details here

*Useful Links (please refer to the Best Practices Manual above):-



Dr TCP       IP Accelerator      IP Accelerator Clientless Configuration Guide     AMOS Connect (Only version 7 supported; please disregard version 8 at the download site)

Setting up AMOS so that subject headers only are downloaded (right mouse click and select “open” to download the body of the e-mail ): “AMOS IMAP

Net Traffic Meter   Net Meter   Stratos Net Accelerator     Website Filtering  HVUM and credit Control     Setting Data Limits

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