Inmarsat Fleet Broadband 150 Satellite System Inmarsat Fleet Broadband (FBB) 250 500 satellite Terminal  Inmarsat Fleet Broadband (FBB) 250 satellite AntennaInmarsat Fleet Broadband (FBB) IP Handset  Inmarsat Fleet Broadband (FBB) 19 inch rack mount satellite Terminal Inmarsat Fleet Broadband (FBB) 500 satellite Antenna

Features FBB 150 FBB 250 FBB500
Voice and data simultaneously Yes Yes Yes
Send and receive large files Yes Yes Yes
Rugged IP Handset Yes Yes Yes
Digital satellite phone service with exceptional call quality Yes Yes Yes
IP connection for e-mail and internet/intranet access Yes Yes Yes
Get access to remote networks securely Yes Yes Yes
ISDN No No Yes
Small size hardware Yes Yes Yes
Fax Capable Yes Yes Yes
Maximum Bandwidth 150Kbps 284Kbps 432Kbps
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Latest Software for Below Decks Equipment: 1.27 ( upgrade via the web interface) and 1.27 tiif (upgrade via TMA application) ( both versions auto-update antenna after upgrading BDE) and for the IP Handset: 1.20. If your FBB has version 1.20 or later you can use the Thrane Link Management Application: 1.08 or simply use the integral web interface (default address: ).

Fleet Broadband Airtime Plans (please e-mail us your requirements )

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Send a free SMS text message to any Fleet Broadband Terminal . There is no charge to receive an SMS on a FleetBroadband terminal. If an SMS is sent to more than one recipient, then there will be a separate CDR (Call Data Record) and charge for each recipient address.

The terminal does not require an active data session to be open as the SMS data is sent and received via the Regional Beam where the Terminal sits in idle

An SOS Service has been designed specifically for the FleetBroadband Range. It puts you directly in contact with your Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre (M.R.C.C.). More information here

To avoid bill shock; manage your data usage wisely and to minimise costs please click here for further guidance

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