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Fleet One HD

Latest Software for Below Decks Equipment: 1.27 (auto-updates antenna after upgrading BDE) and for the IP Handset: 1.17

SAILOR Fleet One is a maritime broadband system, providing simultaneous high-speed data and voice communication via satellite, using Inmarsat BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network).
SAILOR Fleet one is an entry level satellite communication equipment based on well-proven hardware and network technology. Fleet One also provides instant access to the M.R.C.C. (Marine Rescue Co-ordination Centre; located in Canberra here in Australia) via it’s 505 ( looks like S.O.S. ) number dialled from the handset or associated corded/cordless (DECT) phone.
The system consists of a terminal and a stabilized maritime antenna

Prepaid Airtime:

How do I add prepaid airtime to my Fleet One/Isatphone terminal?

Australian Coverage 200 Nautical Miles plus from every mainland coast in the World

Cheaper rate coastal coverage shown in green (min. 200 Nm offshore all mainland coasts). Global coverage also available ( +/- 70 degrees latitude ) for the same equipment

To give you an idea how much data you might use please see the below table. We would recommend installing one of the freely available desktop “widgets” (net traffic meter; du meter or net meter e.g.) that monitor your everyday data-usage also so that you will have an idea how much you are likely to use over satellite.

How Much Prepaid Do I need?

Use our Airtime Ready Reckoner (please download, enable editing and enable macros) to help you decide. Then once you have an idea of the cost please just complete the Activation Request Form

Data Usage

Product Sheet


Fleet One Airtime Plans

To avoid bill shock; manage your data usage wisely and to minimise costs please click here for further guidance

User and Installation Manual

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