Inmarsat Services “End of Life” Dates and Recommended Replacements:-

As the third generation of Inmarsat Satellites start to age ( we now have the fifth generation and the sixth is coming along ) there will unfortunately be some equipment that is no longer supported by Inmarsat. In order to help our customers plan ahead we have provided below a listing of the “End of life” dates for these various equipment types and their recommended replacements. For further information on the replacement equipment please click on the relevant link. Please also contact us at if we can help in any other way.    


Equipment/Service Type Expected “End of Life” Date Recommended Replacement Equipment
GAN (M4 Mini-M Multi Media)* 30th of June 2015 Inmarsat Explorer BGAN range / Iridium MissionLink
Land mini-M* 30th of June 2015 Inmarsat Explorer BGAN range / Iridium MissionLink
Maritime mini-M 30th December 2016 LT-3100 , Iridium Certus (Sailor 4300) or Fleet One
Fleet 77 1st December 2020 Fleet Broadband range; Iridium Certus (Sailor 4300)Fleet One or VSAT

 Satellite Operator Website for Verification


Cobham Satcom ( Thrane & Thrane = brand “Sailor”):-

It is the intention of Thrane & Thrane A/S to offer repair & support on all manufactured products for a minimum of 10 years from launch of the product. This means that customers
should expect an average life time of a product of minimum 10 years. Thrane & Thrane A/S will at a time announce a Last Time Buy on a product followed by “Last Time
Support and Spare Part availability”. This means that it is possible to purchase a product at a late state in the product life cycle and then experience less than 10 years (repair and support) for that particular equipment. However looking at the overall product portfolio itself will show an average support period of at least 10 years. From Last Time Buy notification it is the Intention of Thrane & Thrane A/S to offer following service and spare part obligations unless stated otherwise in the “Last Time Buy Statement”:

• On Land Mobile Equipment Four (4) years
• On Maritime (“Sailor”) Equipment Six (6) Years
• On Aeronautical Equipment Seven (7) Years

Some projects might differ from the above mentioned expectations but these will be described separately by contract

By support you can expect one of the following solutions:
A. Thrane & Thrane will deliver fully compatible spare parts
B. Thrane & Thrane will deliver spare parts, which may require modifications/changes of the manufactured goods making repair of the item possible.
C. If Thrane & Thrane is not in a position to deliver spare parts via one of the two above mentioned solutions, a repair at Thrane & Thrane of the defective manufactured goods or spare part may be offered.
D. If Thrane & Thrane is not in a position to deliver one of the three above mentioned solutions, an alternative solution will be offered i.e. the manufactured goods will be replaced with another type of T&T equipment.