Sailor 6130 LRIT

Long-Range Identification and TrackingInmarsat 6130 Mini-C satellite system for Long-range identification and tracking ( LRIT )

SAILOR 6130 mini-C LRIT enables straightforward compliance to the Long Range Identification & Tracking IMO requirements, through simple operation and reliability.

SAILOR 6130 mini-C LRIT System is approved by Inmarsat and major flag ASP state administrators and is fully compliant with the performance requirements described in IMO Resolution MSC.263(84).

So you can be sure that you are meeting requirements the new Terminal Control Unit enables operators to easily determine system status such as power, Inmarsat log-in and GPS fix.

New sealed, self-contained terminal design, 50 channel GPS module, high gain omni-directional antenna and the included NMEA 2000 and RJ45 cabling set SAILOR 6130 LRIT apart.

Accurate, reliable satellite fix and position, lower lifetime costs, no condensation issues and improved installation and maintenance thanks to unique cabling and upgraded design/technology.

Operation can be via the new SAILOR 6006 Message Terminal, which stands out as the world’s first touch screen, Wheelmarked GMDSS terminal.

The multimedia style interface is user-friendly, which in turn ensures the safe operation of the vessel’s IMO safety and tracking systems.

SAILOR 6130 mini-C LRIT features ThraneLINK, a unique new system that enables efficient communication within the network.

Engineers can access a vessel’s network from a single point for lower maintenance and lifetime costs. The system also identifies new products in a network, making installation easier.

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6120; 6130; 6140 & 6150 Installation Manual          6120; 6130; 6140 & 6150 User Manual  

Thrane Link Management Application 1.07 (for software upgrading)   Latest Mini-C Software (1.08)