Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) Forms and Guidance

2 Sets of forms……….( Just click on the highlighted links…)


number-one-in-a-circle_318-72487To test the VMS before we send it to you we need you to complete & return our activation request form. (notes for completion; we are also more than happy to talk you through the completion of this form or any of the others over the phone ph: 02 9466 6812 to make life easier for you ).




number-two-in-a-circle_318-72399Click on the relevant fishing authority icon for your vessel below to download the necessary forms for completion and return to Electrotech. You can scan & email them to us or fax to fx: 02 9905 6318. If your fishing is covered by more than one fishing authority then download, complete & return the forms for each.



AFMA          Australian Fisheries Management Authority VMS




 Department of Fisheries WA Department of Fisheries WA VMS(DoFWA)

 Link to DoFWA’s approved Installation Instructions




Primary Industries and Regions SA (PIRSA)South Australian Fisheries VMS






Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (QFS) Queensland Fisheries VMS






Department of Primary Industries Parks Water and Environment (Tas. Fish)

Tasmanian Fishery VMS

FAQs (billing oriented)

Change of Ownership:

Please complete and return a deactivation request form for the previous owner. This terminates the legally binding airtime contract ( despite sale the contract remains; a well established and tested principle of law). Also please complete and return an activation request form for the new owner





Information about:  the 6150 system  and the 6140 system


EasyMail 2.02 (compatible with 6000 series 3027x transceivers only)

EasyMail 2.02 Icon

Error 6 Main window reset bug fix

EasyMail 1.15 ( latest for 3000 series 302xx and 3026x) . Bug Fix (Main window reset). We strongly recommend installing our VMS with a power conditioner (especially in situations where power lines are shared with e.g. heavy lifting gear and the VMS supply might expect transient voltages (spikes)). Please ask for a quote on these Australian power conditioners ( SPCi242410 ).

If you want to move your VMS terminal from one vessel to another you need to advise us of this change in writing with the new vessel details. If you sell your vessel you will need to deactivate your current airtime contract by completing the deactivation form. Without that and despite the sale of your vessel and all of its contents including the VMS itself the airtime contract is still legally binding (a principle in law that is well established and which we have tested previously).

6000 Series (3027X) Software

Thrane Link Management Application 1.07 (for software upgrading)  Latest TCU 6194 Software 1.07   Latest Mini-C Software (1.08) TT3022D (3.36)

Payment Details:-

If you’re paying by credit card ( amex is not accepted ) there is a 1.5% bank surcharge we need to pass onto you. Alternatively you can pay by EFT (account details below; please e-mail a copy of the bank remittance advice to us promptly so we can ship the goods to you).

SWIFT code: BENDAU3B (for international transfers only; N.B. sender must pay associated bank charges so remittance is received in full)

Australian Dollar Account Details: 

Bank: Bendigo Bank Limited, 878 Pittwater Road, Dee Why, NSW 2099 Australia

Account Name: Electrotech Australia Pty Ltd

BSB: 633000 Acc No. 123446809