Sailor 6140 Mini-C (Type Approved VMS)Inmarsat 6140 Maritime Miini-C satellite system (Type Approved VMS)

The SAILOR 6140 mini-C System has been developed to meet market requirements for reliable and stable communication. Whether it is an emergency that requires distress calling or messaging of ordinary commercial character, the SAILOR 6140 mini-C  system is your ultimate choice as a reliable satellite communication platform. The ruggedized compact design of the SAILOR 6140  mini-C transceiver is based on proven technology from the largest supplier of Inmarsat-C terminals.


Thrane Link Management Application 1.07 (for software upgrading)   Latest Mini-C Software (1.08)      6120; 6130; 6140 & 6150 Installation Manual          6120; 6130; 6140 & 6150 User Manual  

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Jargon Buster: VMS = Vessel Monitoring System ALC = Automatic Location Communicator  MTU = Mobile Transmitting Unit