Sailor 6120 SSAS

Ship Security Alert SystemInmarsat 6120 Mini-C satellite system (Satellite safety alert system) SSAS

The SAILOR 6120 Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) rests on the renowned and very reliable Inmarsat-C technology from Cobham Satcom (ex Thrane & Thrane), which for more than decades has been an integral part of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS).

The SAILOR 6120 is a very cost-efficient stand alone solution featuring no subscription fees and fulfils all requirements of SOLAS Resolution XI-2/6 and is approved by all major classification societies.

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6120; 6130; 6140 & 6150 Installation Manual          6120; 6130; 6140 & 6150 User Manual  

Thrane Link Management Application 1.07 (for software upgrading)   Latest Mini-C Software (1.08)