The Isatphone Pro’s price and small size make it absoloutely perfect for many of our customers that only want to use a satellite service occasionally or for emergency use. Inmarsat has a heritage in safety communications on a global scale that stretches all the way back to the 1970’s. That means you can rest assured that in an emergency you can rely on it completely for your communications.
The IsatPhone has the following features:-
Satellite telephony
Voicemail Text and email messaging
Location data – look-up and text
Bluetooth for hands-free use
Global coverage
Robust handset
Clear voice quality
Reliable network connection
Long battery life
Easy to use


Isatphone Pro Airtime Plans   (Please send us an e-mail detailing your requirements)

Product Sheet    USB Drivers     Latest Firmware We provide a free upgrade service to our airtime customers: get the phone to and from us and we’ll do the rest! Firmware release Note    Firmware Update Application    Upgrade Procedure
Please contact us for the latest price and airtime rates


Emergency Calling (Triple Zero 000)

Requires 5.3.0 firmware; toll free and still available with zero prepaid balance. In addition you can send a pre-edited personal alert (with GPS position) by pressing * and # simultaneously for at least 2 seconds from the main screen. Alternatively, select Menu > Extras > Personal alert > Send personal alert. A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm the action.
We still store the RFDS Numbers in our customers’ short dial Phonebook list for convenience sake and peace of mind. For your information the RFDS contacts are: WA +618 9417 6389, SA & NT +618 8648 9555, NSW, VIC, TAS +618 8088 1188, QLD: Charleville +617 4654 1443 Mt Isa Base +617 4743 2802  Cairns Base +617 4040 0500 and for maritime users Search and Rescue (maritime) emergency number: +61262306811
For further details on your Isatphone Pro or IsatPhone 2 please contact .
Also: Send a Free Text or SMS Message to an IsatPhone Pro via your e-mail application:-
An easy (and free ) way to send a text to an Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro is to use your email client software. You can also use the free smartphone app Satway to do the same.
Step 1: Open your email program; Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. and proceed as if you were sending a regular email.
Step 2: In the email address field; enter the IsatPhone Pro # ( Example: 87077642xxxx), the # will begin with 8707 and it will contain 12 digits.  Then add after the IsatPhone Pro number.
Step 3: Complete the text or SMS message in the body of the email, but remember you only have 160 characters.
Step 4: Send the message as you would send a regular email!
See the example below:


You can contact us and we can add the units directly. In addition we can supply vouchers that last for a year which you can then add to the SIM yourself via the phone (thereby greatly extending the eventual expiry ). A vouchers is 16 digit number for a certain value of prepaid units that you add by calling the VRS (voice recognition system) on 591

Check Balance

There are 3 ways to check your remaining balance:
 Through Inmarsat Solutions Dashboard (Refresh balance). This may be handy if someone at home/base is looking out for you and can top up your SIM on your behalf.
 Through the GSPS terminal by dialling 591# (free of charge) or via the menus
 Through a land line by calling +870772000591 ( at premium rates )

 You are still able to receive calls whilst you have zero prepaid balance

To contact Inmarsat

 Through the GSPS terminal by calling 33 (free of charge)
 Through a landline by calling +1 709 748 4226 (applicable charge of carrier will apply)

For a friendly walk through of this area; pricing and availability please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here