Sailor Ku (Ka Ready) Band Marine VSAT 900

Thrane and Thrane Ku Band Sailor VSAT 900


Top Performer and Built to Last

SAILOR 900 marine VSAT is a powerful, easy and quick to deploy three axis stabilized VSAT antenna platform with integrated GPS and the highest RF performance in the 1m antenna class. Combined with this measured and tested performance, Thrane & Thrane is making sure that SAILOR 900 VSAT works with all leading VSAT Modem Units (VMU) on the market, including iDirect iNFINITI 5100, Evolution X5, Comtech CDM 570L, etc.

Increase Up Time

The decision to install VSAT on a ship stems from the desire to have always-on broadband connectivity at a simple flat rate fee. These networks are readily available from many providers all over the world both for geographically restricted single satellite beams but also in the form of quasi-global overlapping Ku-band satellite footprints. Regardless of how and where you operate the SAILOR 900 VSAT, you can be confident of maximum availability because the system has several features to make sure your broadband connection is up, and stays up. Set-up is simple and straightforward through the same type of web interface as the world-leading SAILOR FleetBroadband systems; this information can also be accessed remotely. The antenna electronics run built-in testing (BIT) which constantly monitors the operation of the antenna.

Reduce Costs

Every SAILOR 900 marine VSAT antenna system comes factory-tested, equipped ready-to-go with standardized top quality RF components (BUC, LNBs). This means the antenna is shipped fully balanced and does not need to be adjusted prior to installation on board. The planning time is practically nil, the preparation time is minimal and installation time is significantly reduced. These factors combine to make SAILOR 900 VSAT the most cost effective Ku-band antenna on the market to deploy. More possibilities for savings come from the fact that SAILOR 900 VSAT requires a single 50 Ω coax cable to provide the antenna with both DC power, data

Ka-Band Ready

The Sailor 900 is already proven with Ku-band services but with a simple upgrade it can also be used for Ka Band services;compatible with Intelsat’s Epic Network;  Inmarsat’s GX Global Express or Viasat 3 (launch early 2021). The advantage the Sailor 900 offers over smaller antennas for Ka band operation is its significantly better protection from the effects of rain fade.

Electrotech Ku band Airtime Coverage – Global

Electrotech Ku band coverage

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