SeaTel VSAT Range

9711 WGS

SeaTel 9711 fully WGS Certified VSAT (Dual X and Ku band)

Electrotech can offer the very latest SeaTel range; future-proofed technology to take advantage of the most recent satellite launches.

From dual band (C and Ku band) and tri-band (C; Ku and X band) through to Ka Band systems, SeaTel can cover all your VSAT requirements; tailor made to meet your specifications.  If your bandwidth needs are higher than most we can supply larger radomes with more powerful electronics. Who hasn’t heard of the “Internet of Everything“? With these systems and airtime provision Electrotech are helping to deliver the “Internet of Everywhere

 Some Product Sheets in the range:-

Sea Tel 4009   Sea Tel 5012  Sea Tel 6012  Sea Tel 9707  Sea Tel 9797  Sea Tel 9711


SeaTel New Generation Satellite Television (TVRO TV receive only)

These powerful TV-at-Sea solutions offer global and regional coverage and are compatible with all
known and planned satellites, delivering seamless reception around the World (auto linear/circular switchover). Electrotech have a proud, strong and long legacy of support for satellite TV for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) and the Australian Border Force (ABF)

Having dependable satellite TV can provide a real boost for crew and these solutions ensure they get to watch their favourite sports teams and TV shows without the cost of going online.

SeaTel New Generation Satellite TV Worldwide coverage

SeaTel New Generation Satellite TV 80; 100 (TVHD) ; 120 (TVHD)







Product Brochures:   SeaTel 80   SeaTel 100  SeaTel 120

Latest Firmware: 1.12  ( zipped for ST80, ST100 and ST120 & HD versions )






Global Express

We can also supply 60cm and 100cm Global Express systems. Together with Fleet Broadband (L-band) back up they provide seamless, high-speed Internet, globally.

100 GX

Sailor Global Express 100 GX










VSAT airtime plans (please just e-mail us detailing your requirements: voyaging area; bandwidth; voice services etc)





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