VSAT Communications: Limited cost for an Unlimited service

At Electrotech we understand you want unrestricted communications but for a fixed monthly fee (with no surprises)!

We also know how important it is for crew & passengers to stay connected.


Cobham have a rock-solid reputation for providing reliable systems ( setting a new standard in the Industry in fact ).

That said,  there will inevitably be an odd occasion where service is required. That’s why we emphasize service and support for our VSAT through our nationwide branch network ( delivering critical spares and rapid reaction service ).


Electrotech are the only Cobham Gold Technical Service Partner (TSP) in Australia.

We also stay ahead of the game with regard to technology changes.


We don’t want to lock you in to one particular bandwidth or technology, especially right now when there are so many developments, (Flat Panel Antennas: whether electronically steerable or meta material or a combination; Nano satellites; New LEO Ka-band networks to name a few).

Take for example the new SeaTel Triband (Ku, Ka and C) antenna from Cobham (details below).


It has the best performance of its type in the World for all three bands.

It is the only system to provide true 2.4 Meter gain across the Ku; Ka and C-bands.

Next to it the Sailor 900 Ka band, but fitted with Viasat RF components and type approved for their network on Viasat 3. This will provide incredible bandwidth (e.g. 50-100Mbps) from a 1 meter antenna.


SeaTel Triband         



Viasat 3 will be a truly HTS (high throughput satellite ) offering 1000 Gbps bandwidth (the network will carry more traffic than all the other satellite available now, combined) in 2022 (please see the coverage map below.


Looking ahead (up to & including 2021) we are expecting great, small form-factor equipment to work in the Ka band via LeosatTelesat and OneWeb (Intelsat). Electrotech are in discussions with these operators currently to position ourselves at the forefront of these technologies. That means you, our customers, are also bang up to date with the best available technology and services.

In the meanwhile please check our range of VSAT equipment available now for purchase.


Can’t quite make the capitol expenditure for the VSAT at the moment? We can offer an outstanding hire service for rental VSAT equipment. Please just get in touch for details: ph: +61 (0)2 9466 6812