Danelec Voyage Data Recorders


Danelec DM100 VDR Voyage Data Recorder



In compliance with the new VDR Standard enforced 1 July 2014








The DM200 is the standard type approved S-VDR intended for the retrofit marked.The DM200 S-VDR consists of a Data Acquisition Unit (DAU) including a super rugged industrial maritime computer platform approved in accordance with IEC 60945 and a protective data capsule. 



Danelec DM200-L Voyage Data RecorderDM200 L-VDR

Intended for all marine companies not required to implement an S-VDR or VDR but wanting responsible documentation of the vessel’s voyage related data. Not only in fatal situations, but also in near-miss incidents at sea or during docking/departure manoeuvres. The DM200 L-VDR is only different from a standard S-VDR by not being connected to a capsule. Apart from this, it operates exactly as an S-VDR and can record the same amount of information.  


Danelec DM400 VDR Voyage Data RecorderDM400 VDR

The DM400 is the standard type approved VDR system intended for all passenger ships and new cargo ships of 3000 gross tonnage and above, constructed after July 1st 2002.