Night Navigator 1000 Series

The Night Navigator 1000 series is a High-Speed Craft code approved Night Vision camera system, certified for the High-Speed Craft Code-MSC.94(72) and WheelMark approved.  The Night Navigator HSC aids safe transportation of passengers on High-Speed Ferries at night at high speed with a visual of potential obstacles in the navigation path.


The Night Navigator™ HSC (High Speed Craft) is the Night Vision camera system certified to the IMO HSC code and Wheelmark by Lloyds Register classification society. It replaces the Night Navigator 8540 which has been installed on hundreds of HSC since the early 2000s. Download Brochure


The Night Navigator™ 1045 is a compact marinized Night Vision camera system, integrating both an infrared sensor and a night vision sensor, able to blend both images into one, complementing the information highlighted from each technology. Download Brochure