Automatic Identification System

Saab R4 AIS Class BThe R4 Class B Transponder from Saab TransponderTech is the quality choice for low cost AIS tracking applications. It is also an ideal tool for improved situation awareness in smaller commercial vessels or recreational craft.

The R4 Class B Transponder complies with IEC 62287 FDIS. The transponder can either be used as a standalone unit for tracking or be connected to an AIS-enabled chart plotter or to an Electronic Chart System. An external alarm key can be connected as well as optional application specific I/O. The R4 Class B Transponder has a built-in GPS which generates position information for broadcast.

The Class B transponders communicate on the same radio frequency as Class A transponders as well as Search and Rescue aircraft. This means that a complete situation picture of all AIS equipped ships within VHF range can be displayed and that a vessel in distress can be seen from a SAR unit.

• Improved safety through improved situation awareness. The location of Class A and Class B equipped ships can be displayed on a chart plotter or ECS system
• Search and Rescue (SAR). Vessels in distress can be located faster and more accurately if they are equipped with AIS
• Surface traffic can be made safer through monitoring of ships location and movement from shore AIS base stations
• Improved fleet management and control through monitoring from a control centre

Optional functionality
• Alarm Key
• Sensor inputs
• Digital outputs

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