SAAB R5 Supreme Navigation System


Available in both GPS and DGPS versions.


 IMO require SOLAS class ships to carry type approved GPS equipment. Saab can offer the new generation R5 systems of IMO-compliant GPS and DGPS solutions, either as stand-alone NR5-Supreme-NAV-CDUavigation Systems or as an addition to the family Saab R5 AIS systems. 

The new R5 SUPREME NAV products are self-monitoring and extremely user friendly. The R5 SUPREME NAV system is utilizing the highly versatile R5 CDU and together with the proven R4 Sensor and modern antennas it represents oneof the most flexible navigation systems on the market.

The R5 SUPREME NAV system provides the user with a flexible, future proof product. The large colour touch-screen display and multitude of interfaces make the system highly appropriate for integration into modern networked bridge solutions.

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