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Sea Tel 1500

With SeaTel 1500, Cobham Satcom adds first-to-market innovation and versatility to the proven and industry-standard SeaTel technology to ensure offshore platforms, cruise ships, government vessels, and mega yachts full confidence in their satellite communications reliability and access higher bandwidth.

SeaTel 1500 is the unique 1.5m dual-band multi-orbit VSAT solution that delivers ultimate performance and business continuity, today and in the future, enabling vessels to tap into the large pool of not only existing but also future satellite services, while unlocking an optimized Total Cost of Ownership.

Switch from Ku to Ka-band in a Simple Click

The Sea Tel 1500 allows for band switching capabilities traditionally only available on 2.4-meter class of VSAT systems. The ability to switch from Ka band to Ku band on the fly, in a smaller footprint. The need for calling a trained technician to change out the Ku band RF and install the Ka band equipment on a service call are gone. The freedom to move in and out of Ka coverage maps and still maintain broadband VSAT services are unlocked with the Sea Tel 1500.

Multi-Orbit Solution with Built-in GEO-MEO-LEO Capability

Cruise, offshore energy, government, and yachting segments make a smart satcom investment when choosing the Sea Tel 1500, offering the ability to convert to different frequencies and networks on geo-stationary satellites, and forthcoming non-geosynchronous satellite constellations, such as LEO, MEO and HEO. They gain complete peace of mind with the flexibility to operate on next generation satellite constellations when available.

Get the Most out of Valuable Deck Space

We understand deck space on most vessels are limited. With the Sea Tel 1500 get the most out of that valuable space with a VSAT terminal capable of multi-band, multi-orbit operations. Maximize the bandwidth on-board while keeping the flexibility to change bands as required.

Instead of having dedicated single band systems for multiple services, you can have one Sea Tel 1500 that can dynamically switch between services while occupying the same footprint as a single band system. Or install two systems to enable services on the next generation NGSO satellite constellations.

Highly Reliable End-to-end VSAT Solution

When you are at sea, you want high reliability from all forms of communication. When in the footprint of the newer Ka band satellites, you want to take advantage of high data rates available. In some cases, inclement weather may prohibit Ka band operations. With the Sea Tel 1500 the ability to fallback to Ku band allows you to maintain services where other antenna systems would have to wait it out.

The system is designed to operate in GEO/MEO/LEO modes. This is enabled with Cobham Satcom’s proven IMA software platform. With the use of the multi-band arbitrator, two Sea Tel 1500’s are capable of seamless handoffs between the MEO or LEO satellites.

As most of the Ku band Geo satellites operate in a linear polarity the system has linear Ku band feed capable of both cross and co-pol operation. Ka Band is available as a software selectable circular polarization. The wideband feed allows for full commercial band Ka operation. Giving users the flexibility to choose either regional Ka band services or a MEO/LEO service.

Sea Tel 1500 USP List

  • Electronical switchable Feed that allows for switching between Ku and Ka networks by press of a button: No more service calls when travelling between regions
  • GEO/MEO/LEO operational modes for increased footprints compared to a single band system: With the ability to switch bands as you transition from region to region, moving in and out of coverage is no longer a hassle
  • mPOWER ready 40W Ka BUC: Full wideband Ka frequency range from 27.5 to 30 GHz flexible enough to support regional Ka Geo services
  • Exportable Data and Systems LED indicators for reduced mean time to repair (MTTR): With the ability to store system logs the IMA platform allows for diagnostic analysis to reduce downtime if there is an issue
  • Ethernet over Coax ADE to BDE communications: Design allows for coax IFL run between ADE and BDE or installation of fiber optic runs
  • Accommodates multiple satellite modems: Supporting a variety of satellite modems allows for use within multiple satellite operator networks, eliminating the need to be confined to one network
  • Unmatched stabilization accuracy allows the system to detect and correct the slightest motion affecting the antenna’s connection: The new electronics package allows for greater tracking ability when operating within a NGSO environment

Included in the Sea Tel 1500 System

  • Media Exchange Point (MXP)
  • Below Decks Accesory Box
  • DOC Packet 1500 Ku/Ka, USB, ECCN EAR99
  • 1.5M Reflector
  • 81″ Tuned Radome Assembly
  • Ku BUC: SSPA, KU 25W, 13.75-14.5GHz x 1
  • Ku LNB: 10.7-12.75GHz, 9.75/10.75GHz x 2
  • Ka BUC: SSPB, Ka Band, 40W, 27.5-30GHz x 1
  • Ka LNB: TRI Band LNB, 17.7-20.2G, Ext 10M x 2
  • Air Conditioner: External ASSY, 208-240V, 50/60Hz

Full Operational Readiness and Business Continuity

In a world of communication technology transition marked by the emergence of new constellations, all relies on vessels’ satellite communications reliability and readiness to access higher bandwidth for them to tap into the large pool of coming services and opportunities.

Electrotech Australia collaborates with Cobham Satcom to bring certified satellite communications solutions like the Sea Tel 1500 Dual-band VSAT antenna, enabling vessels to achieve full connectivity and operation 24/7 regardless of their location and weather conditions, now and in the future.

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