Electrotech provides rapid-reaction services throughout Australia on a 24/7 basis. Electrotech engineers are trained as specialists, with extensive knowledge and experience in their fields.  Skills are continually updated to keep pace with new technology.EA Aus map with branches
Through its 8 operations on the Australian coast, Electrotech offers the following shipboard services

  • Communications Equipment Service
  • Navigation Equipment Service
  • Radio, AIS and EPIRB Surveys
  • VDR / SVDR Annual Performance Testing (APT)
  • Satellite Airtime

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Normal office opening hours M-F 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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Email Electrotech Service

If you need to approach us via Shipserv then please just enter our Trade ID as: 60796

We have been supporting the Marine Industry for over 25 years & are the only Cobham ( Sailor; formerly Thrane & Thrane), Gold Technical Service Partner (TSP) in Australia. That means we aim to fix it first time, every time; using our substantial spares holdings and OEM trained engineers.

Electrotech deal in high end electronics to provide you with the latest technology for reliable communications and navigation. Although reliability is always improving there is still a chance that you will require a repair. That’s why we hold a critical spares holding in our Australia-wide branch network and our engineers are OEM factory trained for attendance where you are. In a small number of cases it proves more economical to send a piece of equipment to us for workshop evaluation, quote and repair.

Returning Equipment For Repair?

We have experienced many problems over the years, receiving items when customers have used Australia Post and so we would strongly recommend reconsidering if that might be your chosen method of delivery.

Delivery Address:

F.A.O. Service Department
c/o Mr Glenn Edbrooke
Electrotech Australia Pty Ltd
37/9 Powells Road
Ph: 0294666816

Please include:

1/ Return Delivery Address + preferred return delivery method ( we use a range of courier services including Toll/IPEC and Startrack road and air services. Services vary regionally))
2/ Contact details (landline+mobile to maximize the chance of reaching you; email so we can send you a quotation)
3/ Brief Summary of the symptoms (saves time trouble-shooting; in some cases the problem is with the installation and we can get in touch with you quickly to re-appraise )
4/ Degree of Urgency (normal turn around is 5 working days depending on workload). If marked urgent our engineers will do their best to get it done for you but we cannot guarantee a faster turn around.
Our workshop evaluation costs just one half an hour’s labour ($90 + GST). We will send you a quote and if you decide not to proceed you will just need to cover the fee & the cost of return delivery (otherwise, with your authority we can dispose of locally). If you decide to proceed with the repair or purchase a replacement we will waive the evaluation fee.

Satellite Support:

Please report all Fleetbroadband faults to
For immediate assistance contact the support team at the below:
Tel: +852-81003613 (Hongkong)
Tel: +1-800-563-2255 (Toll-free in North America)
Tel: +1-709-748-4226 (Worldwide)

Alternatively the vessel will be able to reach the Customer Support team directly by the following means:
BGAN/FleetBroadband/Fleet One): 33# (Toll-free when dialed from the Inmarsat handset).
IsatPhone Pro (PostPaid): 33
IsatPhone Pro (Prepaid): 591  ( also request transfer to Electrotech +61294666800 for top ups if your balance is zero)

Iridium: 6868 (Toll-free when dialed from Iridium handset)