Electrotech provides rapid-reaction services throughout Australia on a 24/7 basis. Electrotech engineers are specialist trained, with extensive knowledge and experience in their fields.  Skills are continually updated to keep pace with new technology.EA Aus map with branches
Through its 8 operations on the Australian coast, Electrotech offers the following shipboard services

  • Communications Equipment Service
  • Navigation Equipment Service
  • Radio, AIS and EPIRB Surveys
  • VDR / SVDR Annual Performance Testing (APT)
  • Inmarsat Airtime

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Email Electrotech Service

If you need to approach us via Shipserv then please just enter our Trade ID as: 60796



Satellite Support:

Please report all Fleetbroadband faults to
For immediate assistance contact the support team at the below:
Tel: +852-81003613 (Hongkong)
Tel: +1-800-563-2255 (Toll-free in North America)
Tel: +1-709-748-4226 (Worldwide)

Alternatively the vessel will be able to reach the Customer Support team directly by the following means:
BGAN/FleetBroadband): 33# (Toll-free when dialed from the Inmarsat handset).
B/Fleet or M4 (GAN)/mini-M:
33# (Toll-free when dialed from Inmarsat handset using LES 02); or
68# (Toll-free when dialed from Inmarsat handset using LES 12).

IsatPhone Pro (PostPaid): 33
IsatPhone Pro (Prepaid): 591  ( also request transfer to Electrotech +61294666800 for top ups if your balance is zero)

Iridium: 6868 (Toll-free when dialed from Iridium handset)