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Night Navigator Camera Systems

CURRENT’s Night Navigator™ series are high performance systems with excellent image quality and built for long-range recognition of objects, obstacles, and threats. It enables early decision making and preparedness resulting in increased safety and security.

CURRENT’s diverse line of multi-sensor camera systems are installed and used in a variety of marine based industries, aiding in operations such as:

  • Transferring crew and equipment to offshore platforms
  • Detecting and responding to oil spills
  • Detecting ice fragments and debris
  • Research, survey and exploration
  • Detection and observation of marine mammals

The integration of IR cameras means the Night Navigator™ can keep operations running day or night, in all levels of visibility. The mast mounted systems can detect and identify potential threats early enough to give the crew or security team time to respond appropriately.

CURRENT’s systems can be found mounted on various types of Navy, Law Enforcement, Border Protection, and Search and Rescue vessels, and are being used in a variety of operations, including:

  • Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance
  • Unmanned surface vessels operation
  • Safety and security at sea and in harbour
  • Anti-smuggling operations
  • Situational awareness

The ability to detect and identify threats at an extremely long range makes these multi-sensor cameras a great option for land-based surveillance. The systems are rugged enough to withstand inclement weather and the integrated IR sensors make threats easy to assess day or night. The addition of an optional laser dazzler adds an active deterrent, alerting intruders through a non-lethal escalation of force.

Key Features

Video Tracking: Automatically follows operator selected objects of interest.

Radar and AIS Slewing: Interfaces with ship systems and tracks selected radar/AIS targets.

H.264 RTSP Video Stream: Network enabled video from two sensors simultaneously.

Motion Range: 360° continuous pan and +/- 90° tilt.

Stabilization: Gyro-stabilization and video stabilization.

Sensors and Configurations

HD MWIR – Cooled Thermal
LWIR – Uncooled Thermal
Night Vision
HD Day / Low Light
Short-Wave InfraRed (SWIR)
Laser Dazzler

Cooled Thermal Imaging – Long-Range Security: Mid-Wave InfraRed (MWIR), or Cooled Thermal Imaging, offers continuous optical zoom with a narrow field of view for long distance detection, recognition and identification. HD MWIR offers 2.8x or 4x the resolution of MWIR for detection, recognition, and identification.

Uncooled Thermal Imaging – Mid-Range Security: Long-Wave InfraRed (LWIR), or Uncooled Thermal Imaging, offers mid-range observation and is used in missions requiring 24/7 use. Offering various levels of optical zoom, these systems are an affordable solution for a broad range of uses. HD LWIR is now available to further enhance performance and capabilities with 2.5x better resolution.

HD Day / Low-Light: High Definition 30x optical zoom and best in class low-light sensitivity makes this the perfect companion for the thermal imager. 4K option increases the resolution by 4x to allow longer range identification and sharper image quality.

Short-Wave InfraRed (SWIR): Short-Wave InfraRed can be added to thermal and day to improve visibility in haze, mist, rain, fog and other challenging atmospheric conditions.

Laser Dazzler: The laser dazzler is a non-lethal deterrent when combined with the safety of the Laser Range Finder, adds an extra level of security for active protection. It can be used as an escalation of force to increase security and safety on board.

Control Solutions

Flexible IP network control solutions for onboard, remote, and autonomous operation.

Video GUI
Control GUI and Compact Controller
2-Button Joystick and RRG

Video Graphical User Interface: Live video feed with full control of all system functions on one interface. Optimized for operation on a touchscreen with USB joystick/RRG or standard PC with trackball/mouse. Can be run on a CURRENT or customer supplied PC or Panel PC.

Control Graphical User Interface: Provided on an 8” Panel PC touchscreen, it can be operated standalone or with USB joystick/RRG for more precise pan and tilt positioning. Main screen provides basic control functions with menus for advanced functions. Requires
a separate HD-SDI or RTSP display for video.

Compact Controller: Compact solution with integrated 2-button joystick. Provides basic functions through buttons and more advanced functions through on screen menus. Requires a separate HD-SDI or RTSP display for video.

2-Button Joystick: Provides intuitive pan, tilt, zoom control of the sensor platform. Connects to PC via USB.

Rugged Rigid Grip (RRG): All critical functions are available in the ergonomic, ambidextrous fixed grip. Precise camera control is achieved while allowing the operator to maintain focus on the live video. Connects to PC via USB.

Night Navigator Cameras Range

NN 8065/8085/8485
NN 4030/4040/4065/4085
NN 4465/4485
NN 3025/3026/3030/3040
NN 3050/3055
NN 3057

Electrotech is the exclusive distribution partner for Current Scientific Corporation products in Australia. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about the uses and capabilities of  CURRENT’s Night Navigator™ Camera Systems, or to discuss your project requirements with our engineering team.

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