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VisionMaster ECDIS

VisionMaster ECDIS is an industry-leading route planning and monitoring solution that is fast, easy and accurate. Its clear, intuitive interface optimises situational awareness and reduces risk of accidents.

Routes can be flexibly created, with the display of charts and navigational data customised to suit vessel or task requirements and individual preferences. VisionMaster ECDIS also enables more fuel-efficient, sustainable operations through integrated speed planning, ETA calculators and other features.

It is simple for any vessel to install and use, whether a new build or retrofit, operating in the open seas or confined channels. VisionMaster ECDIS is fully compliant and offers enhanced functionality that exceeds IMO and IHO regulations. And as requirements evolve, it can be easily upgraded to add radar overlay, or to become a TotalWatch multifunction workstation.

Improve Safety, Scheduling and Fuel Efficiency

Demands on mariners are increasing, with reduced bridge crew handling more tasks and more systems. Work overload leads to stress, fatigue and ultimately, more accidents.

Safe Route Monitoring
Man Overboard Feature
Precision Anchoring Tool
Picture-in-Picture and Split-Screen
Improve Ease of Use
Improve Flexibility
  • Increase Situational Awareness: Safety-checking planned routes for all dangers and navigational hazards, with automatic alerts during route monitoring
  • Easy to use: Intuitive interface with colour coding to interpret data at a glance; quick access to most-used functions; permanent display of sensor data
  • Improves reliability: Separate, redundant workstation to meet IMO ECDIS back-up requirements, with automatic failover for continuous operation
  • Improves flexibility: Customisable display for each navigational task, and easily upgraded to add VisionMaster Radar or to become a TotalWatch multifunction workstation
  • Stay compliant: Fully Type Approved to the IMO ECDIS performance standard
  • Reduces emissions: ETA calculators with planned speed input, and Arrival Time Planning tool for more fuel-efficient, sustainable operations

Flexible Workstations

Kit Version

Deckstand: Free-standing console with an integrated display, control panel and processor. Simplify new or retrofit installations with an all-in-one workstation.

Desktop: Top part of a Deckstand with integrated display and control panel. Designed for easy installation on a pre-installed Deckstand base with processor on an existing bridge.

Kit Version: Standalone display, control panel and processor. Flexibly install navigation equipment in a new-build console. Save transportation costs by sourcing consoles near shipyard.

TableTop: Plug and Play solution with integrated standard monitor and processor. Unique small footprint with 19” monitor allows easy installation on a small bridge with space constraints (VisionMaster FT only).

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