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VisionMaster Net

VisionMaster Net is the networked bridge solution from Sperry Marine, the industry leader for system quality and support. It simplifies deployment, increases system availability and creates the foundation for “big data” on the vessel to improve operational efficiency, while reducing through-life costs.

Easy to install

Fully networked architecture.
Simplifying the installation and reducing the number of components in the system.

Easy to integrate

Designed as a modular network over Ethernet ring.
Any combination of VisionMaster Net and third-party equipment can be easily integrated into any configuration to create a networked bridge solution for any vessel.

Increased resilience

Ring topology provides a higher level of redundant network capability than conventional point-to-point systems.

Improved operational efficiency

Operational Mode feature for better management of alerts on the bridge.
Improved Central Alert Management HMI.
NAVTEX integration.

Improve flexibility

Standalone Radar, Single and Dual ECDIS configurations with 19”, 24” and 26” Panel PCs.
Easily upgradable to full TotalWatch multi-display workstations.

Connected ECDIS

Increased cyber security and accurate navigation on the bridge.
Reduce administrative workload and provides the opportunity to update charts at any point in a ship’s voyage.

A complete type approved connected bridge solution for safety at sea

Modern navigation system technology provides more connectivity and communication capabilities for a safer and simpler journey for watch officers. The VisionMaster Net family of products includes:

Radar/Chart Radar:

Fully CAT1 and CAT2 Type Approved Radar exceeding MED requirements for safety and peace of mind for mariners. AIS targets increased to 650 targets to improve navigation.

ECDIS/Connected ECDIS:

The Electronic Chart Display and Information System not only meets all IMO requirements for paperless navigation, but also provides the industry’s most advanced capabilities for voyage planning and chart management. The VisionMaster Net Connected ECDIS capability improves cybersecurity and safety by simplifying the charts update of the ECDIS on board with the Secure Maritime Gateway.


Multi-function workstations at which any VisionMaster Net function can be selected as a watch mode. In addition to the optional Playback Watch mode, having everything available at a single workstation maximizes situational awareness, increasing safety and navigation performance.

Integrated Bridge System (IBS):

For a complete certified solution, Sperry Marine’s VisionMaster Net new bridge design is suitable for all types of commercial applications and is scalable for all types of vessels. Any combination of VisionMaster Net radars, chart radars, ECDIS and/or TotalWatch can be integrated with all of our navigation product lines.

VisionMaster Net Standalone System Layout
VisionMaster Net Multinode System Layout

VisionMaster Net Antennas and Turning Units

Bespoke X-Band and S-Band antennas provide clear and accurate radar images to VisionMaster Net. The specific design has been especially influenced to minimize load on the motor in high wind, for thermal management and also to reduce ice accumulation.

The masthead top units, including transceivers, provide highly reliable data transmission to the VisionMaster Net display through a CAT6a Ethernet cable.

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