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VisionMaster Integrated Bridge System

Sperry Marine’s VisionMaster Integrated Bridge System (IBS) combines industry-leading navigation equipment in one consistent, reliable, easy-to-use system. With secure connectivity to shore to support your digitalisation. Plus access to the market’s best applications, content and digital services to bring more intelligence to your navigation. And safer, more efficient and sustainable operations.

Consistent Real-time Data

VisionMaster IBS brings together data from all onboard navigation systems and sensors to support the key navigation functions: route planning, route monitoring, collision avoidance, alert management and navigation status display.

Multifunction workstations can be configured to display radar images, electronic charts, conning information, CCTV images, chart radar and central alert management to enhance your operational flexibility and resilience. Navigational data is automatically synchronised across all workstations to ensure the latest information is always in use and reduce crew workload.

And all navigation functions have the same intuitive VisionMaster user interface that many mariners are familiar with for safe, easy operation.

Available Anywhere

Key onboard navigational data is accessible from shore for simplified communication, improved operational visibility and decision making. It enables real-time situation, vessel performance and equipment data to be continuously monitored for risk assessment, fuel and motion optimisation, asset management, regulatory compliance and predictive maintenance purposes.

This capability ultimately allows fleet operation teams to provide route planning assistance, with system recommendations on speed and course to improve efficiency and reduce emissions. And enables Sperry Marine’s Global Service Centre to provide remote support to reduce your through-life costs and maximise operational uptime.

Lifetime Support

Sperry Marine works closely with shipyards and owners to tailor the VisionMaster IBS to meet individual vessel requirements. We provide support throughout the complete lifecycle from design, installation, commissioning and acceptance, to maintenance and repair at the highest levels of 24/365 global service to always keep your vessel sailing.

Navigation Systems

Conning Information Display (CID)
Central Alert Management System (CAM)
VisionMaster ECDIS
VisionMaster Radar

Conning Information Display: Customisable to vessel requirements and certified by class society. Mariner can select conning information for display according to current navigational task.

Central Alert Management System (CAM): Consistently manages alerts across the system and provides an overview of all active alerts for acknowledgement or silencing, plus alert history list.

VisionMaster ECDIS: Industry-leading route planning and monitoring solution that’s fully compliant, fast, easy and accurate. Clear intuitive interface optimises situational awareness and reduces risk of accidents. VisionMaster IBS applies consistent route plans and route monitoring settings across all workstations.

VisionMaster Radar: Industry-leading target detection and tracking in all sea states that’s reliable, easy and accurate. Delivers precise radar images through a clear, intuitive interface to reduce collision risk and simplify watch standing. Comprehensive range of type-approved radar sensors available with X- and S-band antennas. Dual radar option overlays radar images and target data from two independent transceivers for a seamless 360° view on one screen with no blind arcs. VisionMaster IBS applies a common track table and collision avoidance settings across all workstations.

VisionMaster TotalWatch: Multifunction display that seamlessly integrates VisionMaster Radar, ECDIS, Conning Information Display, Central Alert Management and third-party applications with easy switching between different functions as needed. Improves flexibility and resiliency of vessel operations, while optimising use of bridge space. Sperry Marine offers a comprehensive range of workstation formats to suit different vessel requirements, which incorporate standard hardware for easy integration.


All sensors have been designed by Sperry Marine or carefully selected to be fully interoperable with the VisionMaster IBS.

NAVIGAT Gyros: The most accurate and reliable compass solutions, together with CompassNet, the most cost-efficient networked heading management system. Broadest range of spinning mass and fiber-optic gyros available.

JUPITER Magnetic Compass: Accurate, dependable system for essential navigation data with optional NAVIPOL binnacles.

NAVIKNOT Speed Log: Multi-sensor speed log that measures Speed Over Ground and Speed Through Water via electromagnetic sensors, Doppler transducers and satellite sensors.

Other Sensors: (D)GNSS position receivers; Automatic Identification System (AIS); Echosounder; Wind and weather sensors; Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System; Sound reception; Weather fax; CCTV.

Voyage Data Recorder

VoyageMaster VDR: Industry-leading Voyage Data Recorder system that’s reliable, efficient and flexible. Secures vital information on vessel operations using the latest IoT capabilities to help prevent safety incidents and optimise performance. Continuously records real-time data from signal sources on board and securely transfers this to shore for easy access in the cloud. Sperry Marine is also approved to carry out Annual Performance Tests for IMO certification.

Radio and Satellite Communications

GMDSS-compliant communications, including UHF, VHF, MF/HF, NAVTEX and satellite systems.

Additional Capabilities

VisionMaster TotalCommand: Docking assistance overlay that provides a 360° view via a quad-channel, close-range radar fully integrated into the VisionMaster IBS for enhanced situational awareness.

Berthing Assistance: Indicates distance and approach speed to the quayside for improved safety and efficiency during docking and berthing.

Video Assistance: 360° video view for improved situational awareness and real-time decision making during berthing,
pilot boarding and disembarkment procedures berthing.

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Conning Information Display (CID)
Central Alert Management System (CAM)
VisionMaster ECDIS with Radar Overlay
VisionMaster Chart Radar